Hip Joints

With Julia Wyncoll

Sunday, February 9, 11:30am to 1:00pm 
Can you really stand on your femurs or is your weight not quite moving through your centre? This one small difference can create enormous positive change to your ligaments, bone health, squat ability, pelvic floor, lower back health, and more. Join Julia to find your femurs and practice moving well in your hips.

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The Art of Change


Sunday, February 23, 10:15am to 11:30am 

This workshop introduces you to the toolbox of Dynamic NeuroCognitive Imagery used in The Franklin Method. Explore the mind-body connection and explore how you can have an immediate impact on your body by using imagery and visualizations—as athletes and performers have been doing for years. Challenging one’s own idea of mindset can be transformative and we invite you to dive into this challenging work.

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The Art & Science of Cueing for Movement

an 8 week online course presented by Eric Franklin

“The beginning of all change is noticing where you are at and deciding on whether you like where you are at, or not, and if not, change something.”

–  Experience whats it like to move according to the natural design of your body.

– Discover fun & creative ways to cue for any movement: Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Coaching, Physical therapy, etc.

– Learn to harness the mind body connection to improve your own function

– Discover the best imagery techniques to improve your teaching practice

– Add to your cueing tool kit using anatomical & metaphorical imagery

– Learn the tools to break tension patterns, become stronger &  feel more confident in any movement

– Learn functional anatomy insights to enhance safe and efficient movement 

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Happy Feet: Dynamic Feet for Walking, Running & Exercise

an 8 week online course presented by Eric Franklin

Our feet propel us through life and are our foundation to the earth. How we take care of them can have a huge impact on how we move, our flexibility and how we feel. Happy feet will positively effect any type of dance, exercise or movement:

– Improve your balance and eliminate low back tightness and pain

– Experience improved function of your lower leg and foot

– Learn exercises to keep your feet fit and flexible

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