Welcome! Is Pilates Right For You?

Inhabit Pilates and Movement is located in a calm and peaceful studio, with sunlight filtering in and space to breathe.

We enjoy working with you to expand your limits, and do so with fun and humour. We absolutely love to move well, and know this simple pleasure has the capacity to create enormous change in your life.

The Pilates technique is firmly established as a go-to mindful exercise and post-rehabilitation method for diverse populations because it is made to be tailored to your goals and needs.


Whether you are a high level athlete, a rock star performer, a dancer, or a weekend warrior- you need to have your best body at the ready. Using your body for sport, or art means that you need it strong and coordinated, but you also need effective recovery. Inhabit emphasizes:

  • Developing a program that finds the weaker links in your body and targets those areas for improvement, and never sacrifices alignment.
  • Making sure you have balanced muscle tone so you don’t get injured and that your skeleton is receiving support from your muscles (not just being pulled on).
  • Attention to the “tight areas” with effective, myofascial stretches that can alter your body dramatically.
  • Challenges for your coordination – after all- when you are “on the job” you need your brain and body to be excellent working partners.

“As a dance-theatre performer & creator I need to be able to rely on my body. I travel a lot to teach, choreograph, and perform and all that travel can really mess with my alignment and patterning. Julia and her instructors help me recover from lugging suitcases up many flights of stairs and get everything moving in the right order. Without the Pilates work, dance classes and cardio training don’t mean anything. I need the deep and specific core work in order for my body to perform properly in all my other activities. It’s my workout and my retreat in one!”~Meagan O’Shea, Dance Artist


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The demands of parenthood begin while the child is still in utero. Taking care of your pregnancy allows you to enjoy it the best you can. Taking care of your body after the baby is born allows you to be the best parent you can be. Inhabit emphasizes:

  • Keeping the abs from overstretching and weakening, or pulling them back together.
  • Keeping hips strong for stability, and legs and feet too.
  • Preparing the upper body for the challenges of carrying a baby by strengthening the back and arms, and later undoing the stress of the upper body “load”.
  • Getting to know your pelvic floor so it’s ready to “widen” for baby’s delivery, and stays in tone for afterwards.
  • Rehabilitating from a C-section if needed.
  • Taking care of that lower back!

“I first started classes with Julia 10 years ago and now that I have a four year old and one year old, I value her instruction even more. I believe her focus on the pelvic and core muscles helped me through both of my pregnancies and postnatal recovery. My back rarely ached and when my muscles tightened, I could rely on the gentle exercises and stretches from class to relieve these strains. Now my visits to Inhabit Pilates provide another service, a peaceful hour where I can leave behind the busy life of parenting and concentrate on my own health and well-being. The studio is a real haven and I highly recommend it to anyone.”~Jessica Haber, mother and Elementary school teacher


We have seen aging bodies exercise with grace so we know that aging can be beautiful. If you’ve lost some mobility we will aim to recover what we can, and keep you moving with strength. Inhabit emphasizes:

  • Stretch and strength exercises for the whole body to help move your forward.
  • Balance – strengthening feet, outer hips, legs, and even your proprioception.
  • Leg strength and range so you can keep getting up, walking and dancing.
  • Upper back mobility and strength so you can stay upright and tall.

When I came to Julia at the urging of my physiotherapist, I had chronic problems with arthritis in my knees and feet and with frequent falls because of poor balance. Weekly machine sessions with Julia over the last four years have cleared up at least 80% of those problems. When they do recur because of strenuous work, I draw on what Julia has taught me about the muscles in my body to make adjustments to the way I use those muscles or to my posture. Thus I find I overcome problems on my own before they get serious. I continue weekly sessions to keep me in trim and for enjoyment!

~ Erica R. active Grandmother


After an injury and an “okay to exercise” from your doctor or Physiotherapist, we can help with continued conditioning so we can move you from a state of discomfort back to your full strength again. Inhabit emphasizes:

  • Understanding your limitations through proper consult with your Physiotherapist, RMT, Osteopath, or Doctor if necessary.
  • Strengthening all the support for the injured area. For example a low back injury often needs core support, back strength, pelvic floor integration, and better breathing. A rotator cuff injury often needs support from the back and shoulder blade big movers, better alignment of the neck and upper back, deeper breathing, and rotator cuff strengthening.
  • Teaching you effective stretches so you can stay lengthened and mobile even at home.
  • Helping you recover with new patterns of movement that are healthy and functional for your daily life, and the strength to match.

“I live an active lifestyle – cycling, running, swimming, paddle boarding – so for me an injury is a big deal. I was suffering with a knee injury for over a year and had seen every type of doctor and specialist possible before I came to Inhabit. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Now, 6 weeks later, I have very little pain and have even started running again. Inhabit’s approach is unlike most studios – they focus on each person’s body, alignment and injuries to create customized programs that promote healing. Class sizes are small, and teachers are very hands on. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to heal or prevent an injury.”~Heather Morrison


Pilates and all of our complimentary classes are an excellent addition to your fitness regime. Our clients often refer to us as their best insurance that they can keep doing everything they want to – actively and with vigour. Inhabit emphasizes:

  • A strong core so all your movement is centred. All the abs, back, pelvic floor, and good breathing keep the core in great shape.
  • Strong hips for healthy knees, and deep stretches so you maintain the flexibility needed for sports and comfortable living
  • Attention to the feet – it seems basic but it’s fundamentally important that you have strong feet
  • An upper body workout too – and always. Uniform muscle development is central to the principles of pilates.
  • Personalized programming if you do the equipment, and a great workout no matter what classes you take. We’ll have fun too!

“I play hockey 2-3 times a week and find that Pilates has improved my flexibility and core strength, which has helped my game a lot. It is a great complement to other demanding sports.”~Dave