“Why all this focus on my feet?” you might ask.  While foot exercise are embedded firmly in the Pilates curriculum, the underlying philosophy has taken a while to come to the public’s way of thinking about the body.  We have always thought it made lots of sense to have strong, aligned feet, to better the base for a strong and aligned body.  With all the recent attention to the foot and ankle in the sports and media, it seems that that thinking has become mainstream.

The foot can be the largest indicator of whole body health. If your feet are healthy then your life can be independent and mobile. With a foot issue, we need to rely more on others and our world gets smaller.  As we age, it is of paramount importance that we work to keep healthy feet.

During our workshops, we will help you understand where to put your feet under your body, drop how to align them and where to put your plumb line – your weight and alignment over your feet. In doing so, we may notice that we have been working out of alignment and creating problems by how we stand and walk.  This is the first step in re-creating optimal conditions for health in our feet – noticing and then working towards a new pattern in the body.

The rehabilitative work that comes with correcting alignment, bunions, hammertoes, weak ankles, fallen arches and other foot ailments can actually be quite fun and rewarding all India exam notification 2017. The great thing about the feet is they LOVE the attention. One session of massaging and strengthening your feet will give you a whole body sense of wellness.  Daily work on the feet can begin to address knee, hip and low back issues as the changes at the feet work up the chain of the body.  And – most importantly – these exercises are so portable and easy to do that you can do them at home, very easily.

Give your feet some love and come to one of our workshops.  We are cramming tons of life changing information into each workshop, and you’ll walk out of the studio lively on your feet!