To kick start our year, three of our staff immersed themselves in all things Spine with our 3rd module of the teacher training program in early September. Studying with The Franklin Method, we worked to understand in great detail how the spine is oriented, how it moves, how the ligaments and discs support our structure. Going into the spine in such detail for 5 days, we can all say we feel intimately connected to our spine.

When we think about our spine, many words like, “old, stiff, achy,” or “slipped disc, herniations, weak bones”. We rarely confess to have a “sexy, flexible, supple and resilient spine.” Wouldn’t it be lovely to imagine a spine that has all of these qualities, just as we can imagine a child’s spine upright, strong and graceful.

At Inhabit, we do two main things. We teach you to workout under our guidance, respecting your structure and working with it to expand your strength and movement possibilities. This promotes health and makes our students feel more resilient. We also teach you how to take care of yourself outside of the studio. We talk to you about what you can do differently in terms of posture and alignment,stretches, and strength moves. As a part of this, we try to get you to think differently about your body.

Just this week the news reported that there are more “seniors” in the world than children 14 and under. Somehow this news jolted fear into our consciousness about rising health care costs and decreased pensions. We expect our elders to start to fail in their bodies, and then to live a long time with that reality. There are so many industries built around back care with the assumption that as you age things will fall apart.

We would love you to gently tweak that assumption, if indeed the idea that aging means decreased physical capacity in your mind. I believe that we can move through the decades of our life with vitality and full movement capacity, without pain and with health. I also believe that that takes work and attention and care to ourselves.

Instead of those workouts being a chore, wouldn’t it be great if we could look at them as really loving and taking care of our body? We could tap into the resiliency, suppleness and grace we have inherently in our bodies, and enjoy.

Teaching our classes in October, we will dive into the Spine and give you some tools to rush fluid to your discs, lubricate the joints, rely on the ligaments, and move with the spine instead of against it. Find these nuggets in all of our classes – mat and equipment, and if you feel you want very specific work to open your spine, come to one of our two ELDOA classes so you can learn techniques to do at home to increase your resiliency and bone health.

Wishing you a healthy body to Inhabit.