We’ve got two weeks ahead with holidays, family, cheer, and okay – maybe just a wee bit of stress.  All those engagements and meals, even the lack of structure can be totally welcome and at the same time feel a bit like I’ve put myself in a whirly machine and am hoping I land standing on my feet.

I’ve got a big family and we all like to come together.  How many Wyncoll’s can we stuff into one cottage? We like to push that limit regularly.  It’s a blessing, on so many levels, and we get through the togetherness with lots of laughter.

My favorite part of the holidays are the walks.  My mom almost always made us take a walk between a big holiday meal and dessert. And the tradition lives on.  We bundle up, and head out – young and old.  And then there are the many walks that allow us to actually talk about stuff that you might not get into when you have 17 other people on the couch with you. I love all those little visits too.  Getting my nature “fix,” walking through snow, skating on a lake, sitting by a fire, it  goes a long way towards keeping my spirits calm and centered during the holidays.

However you celebrate, I hope the focus is love, and that you can have your spirits lifted and lift those around you.  In all the crazy, love is what stands.