I have begun to write lists. I usually have a list or two on the go, but it’s the time of year where a few lists are marked for days and even weeks from today.  I am blessed with a very full life right now, and part of that fullness is planning for the whole family to visit this holiday.
 My motto is ‘keeping it simple while keeping it sane,’ so the real value of the holidays can be felt.

For fun and a challenge, this December I took a Masters class in swimming.  Since the first panic filled class (when I felt like I couldn’t breathe from the effort), I’m beginning to get the hang of pacing myself.  I love that during each class, I don’t think of what is ‘to-do’- I’m absorbed in my body.  I can return home and feel truly restored to a place of being present.

Movement keeps us present, and keeps our stress in check.

The holidays can be demanding in so many ways, but showing up for your body can make a real difference. We’ve packed our holidays in the studio with classes to keep you working just hard enough to stay focussed, and calm. After class, we will feel more ready to meet the demands of the season (no matter how long the to-do list).

Whatever your month is filled with, I’m wishing you a very happy holiday, love and peace.