If the change of season also signals a change of your routine, this month can be a challenge to both your immune and nervous system. Here are a few things to keep top of mind to keep you healthy during the transition.

Sleep at the same time every night, as much as possible, and allow yourself some time to wind down screen free before bed, and time to calmly get going in the morning.

Exercise and move often, and schedule it in so your time is protected.  Movement is the pathway to a healthy heart, mind, and body.

Avoid too much caffeine, or alcohol as these stimulants will interrupt your restorative sleep.

Consider sharing meal prep with the members of your household, so that eating can be both healthy and create community.  Plan a potluck with your neighbours or friends to connect!

Stay warm. As the temperature changes, keep your throat and core warm by wearing and packing layers.

Set intentions each week, and circle back to review them. This will allow you to feel productive, and connect to what you want out of life.

To help you stay warm and healthy this Fall, try making a cup of this Warming Tea this week.