I’m crossing over the Rockies right now on the red eye flight back from Portland, Oregon. I was there for a week studying with The Franklin Method, as a part of my Level 2 teacher training.


When I was studying Dance at Arizona State University, back in 1992, I took a course called IdeoKinesis with Pamela Matt.  Professor Matt was currently writing a book on the work she had learned from Imagery Pioneer Barbara Clark.  I was transfixed with this inside out study of anatomy, which relied on my ability to use my imagination to create a change in my body.  Each class would fly by in a web of anatomy, experiential learning, constructive rest, and trying out a new image on our bodies. For three years I studied this work, walking around campus imaging pulling my leg strings forward and walking with ease.


As a dancer I used this sort of imagery constantly to create better movement, ease, range and expression in my body. I always felt that the joined wisdom of my own sensation, and some good anatomical knowledge would get me where I needed to go. It also gave me a kind of creative license that I have always enjoyed. Right brain constantly meeting left.


Fast forward to present day.  I have been a Pilates teacher for over 20 years and continue to be in awe of the body and all it’s facts and mysteries. When I met the Franklin Method team, around 8 years ago, I felt instantly that they held the key to me being inspired for the rest of my days as a teacher.  Each Franklin class both guides me deeper into my understanding of the human body, and also deeper into my own ability to transform.  I can feel the muscles of my mind working to combine the knowing intellectually with the feeling and seeing and doing.


You may notice more questions left unanswered in my classes these days.   I enjoy offering up a theme, an anatomical gem and then allowing each student to begin the work themselves of feeling, seeing and doing.  By doing so we can remodel our bodies, our minds and maybe have a bit more fun in the meantime.  These bodies we live in are to be enjoyed.


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