As a part of my team, I employ a business coach to help keep me on track as a business owner. Being a teacher is a long time vocation for me and I feel comfortable in that job. Being a manager of staff, a business owner with bills to pay, all of that has been new and I’ve found having a coach really grounding. As a part of our work together, we spent a long meeting last week talking about the wins and losses of 2015 and visioning ahead through the end of 2016. At the end, we rather spontaneously gave 2016 the title of the Year of Breathing. Funny thing was, about one week before I had written a few notes for our clients on Breath on our white board. The idea was obviously holding my interest.

A month into 2016, it’s a good time to look at resolutions or intentions. Making one during the rush of holidays can often have some pitfalls. We focus on changing our food or exercise patterns, as a response to the over-eating and falling off the¬†exercise bandwagon that often happens during December. I think now is a much better time to assess and find an achievable goal, to focus on creating the life that you want to live.

For me, living in a body that feels comfortable, expressive and healthy, and that helps me feel positive is always a focus. It’s so funny how even I forget the innate connection that my spirit, or mental health have to my body. How many of us have felt down or in a funk, then turned on the music, danced a bit and felt everything was different? How often have you not wanted to come to the studio for your
“workout” and then left feeling so much better? It’s so curious how time and time again we prove to ourselves this connection between body and mind – and yet, making time for moving still can feel difficult.

It is my hope that you will make time for yourself this year. That is what the year of breathing is all about for me. In my work, in my family, in my walking and living, I want to breathe, be present and enjoy. I’ve made more of an effort this month to move both by stacking my regular errands and chores with movement (walking to pay a bill, or pick up dry cleaning) and by going to more classes. I’ve made time twice for the meditation class in our studio and found the community there welcoming, and the sitting in a group very satisfying. Even while cooking dinner, if my teenagers begin to get under my skin, I’ve been more successful at taking a breath. Small successes that go along with my “small goals” – that have a huge impact on my wellbeing.

I hope you can join us in studio, more often. We are here to help you be with yourself and your breath, and to focus on paying attention to your particular body.

As you focus you’ll find that the thoughts of your day will take a back seat and you’ll feel refreshed by being in the present. Building a connection to your breathing, is truly key in the mind body connection. So be bold and breathe deeply! Ask us for tips if you feel locked up at all or need help deepening the breath. It can do wonders for your health. Here’s to a vibrant, healthy 2016!