Hello fellow Challenge participant!

I’m excited to start the Challenge with you.  I have a few reasons to be excited. First, as the studio director – I’m curious as to whether or not this will feel energizing for all of us, if we can somehow collectively gather energy to propel us all forward in our quest for vitality. solve Wmi Provider Host Cpu I’m a bit of a joiner. I like groups – I’d prefer to dance with a group, take class with a group, and study with a group.  While I love my solo time, I feed off of the energy of the whole to supplement what might be my limited discipline or drive.

The other reason for my excitement – I have to be honest, is that my own practice took a dive around mid-April.  Somehow this year really knocked me for a loop.  Would my son’s hockey
season EVER end (answer – not really  – we are still going!)? Would my daughter’s early morning swims and our commitments to all the extra-curriculars ever leave us with a weekend of quiet? And lastly, full attendance at the studio left me scrambling to fill the extra holes admin and teaching wise with my own (wo)man power.

By mid-June I am decidedly feeling out of shape. I still workout, but it’s been in 20 min increments, and I can tell you that is just not the same thing as a full hour, full body class that hits every nook and cranny of this body and moves it all around.  And – as my workouts got less complete, so my eating habits fell off the wagon. Chips – again? Really.

So, I’m excited to do this Challenge for myself too.  I’m back to my morning water, my morning smoothie, and walking.  I’m scheduling in 10 classes at the studio with our amazing team of teachers. You’ll see me in class here and there enjoying your company and our great classes. I know doing these few things will leave me feeling more energized and more ready to take on the day.

I would LOVE to hear from you. If you’ve joined the challenge, post on our Facebook Group, let me know how it’s going. Let me know how easy or hard it is to fit it all in.  Let us know what class you love – and what else you are finding inspiration in.  Do you have a good song you walk to the studio listening to, or a good book that is making you feel like you have some downtime? Let us know how the audio files work for you and post a picture of yourself doing the class wherever you are.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Here’s to an awesome summer of 2015.