I started taking pilates with Julia more than 10 years ago to address my chronically stiff back and postural issues, and I have never looked back.  Not only has pilates solved my initial issues, but it has also made me much stronger and more flexible.  Pilates has proven to be an invaluable benefit to my running, skiing and other activities. Julia and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about muscular and related issues and have helped me work through injuries and stiffness leading to a faster road to recovery.  I would highly recommend Julia and her team to anyone who is looking to complement their current running or other workout routine, or who just wants to  feel more flexible, stronger and better in their bodies.
-Gayle N.

I have found private lessons with Julia incredibly helpful in working through chronic back pain. She has a wholistic approach and has gently pushed me in areas where I am weak and hesitant, enabling me to get out of unhealthy body patterns.
Sarah G, Filmmaker

After taking Inhabit’s small equipment classes for about two years, I feel stronger and more energized. The individualized program and personal attention from the studio’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful instructors have enabled me to become stronger without risk of injury, which has been a problem with other forms of exercise. My lower back pain is virtually gone, and I appear to have halted a disconcertingly rapid decline in bone density. The small equipment classes are worth the extra investment.
L. Addison, ESL instructor

When I came to Julia at the urging of my physiotherapist, I had chronic problems with arthritis in my knees and feet and with frequent falls because of poor balance. Weekly machine sessions with Julia over the last four years have cleared up at least 80% of those problems. When they do recur because of strenuous work, I draw on what Julia has taught me about the muscles in my body to make adjustments to the way I use those muscles or to my posture. Thus I find I overcome problems on my own before they get serious.  I continue weekly sessions to keep me in trim and for enjoyment!
Erica R. active Grandmother

I have enjoyed practicing Pilates with Julia Wyncoll for 6 years and have found her to be unfailingly pleasant, caring and encouraging.  Julia is a patient and sensitive teacher who gently pushes me to move beyond what I think are my limits.  I have significantly improved my strength and posture, and her recommendations for dealing with limitations or injuries are always right on the mark.
Laurie H.

More feedback from our students

  • This is a great studio. the teachers are thorough and extremely competent. They are knowledgeable about a number of exercise techniques and I have improved enormously since starting classes here.
  • I consider Pilates as therapy, both for physical health and mental health. I look forward to my weekly classes and always enjoy them. I can tell that you all work hard to make the studio a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes there.
  • Inhabit is a wonderful studio that provides high quality instruction and individual attention. I have appreciated and learned from all of the different instructors in the various mat and equipment classes I’ve attended. Keep doing what you are doing!
  • I cannot recommend this studio enough to people with chronic pain, mobility issues or who spend their working hours at a desk. I was a skeptic, but one mobility class a week with Sarah has made it possible for me to get through the last, most intense stages of a Ph.D while working full time. I feel stronger, have less pain and now carry with me the tools to work on particular issues at home. I have also learned a lot about my body! Inhabit’s greatest strength is its incredibly skilled instructors. They deftly teach the subtleties of correct technique, while personalising exercises and stretches, and using humour and encouragement throughout. This studio is a welcoming and non-judgmental space, and a great place to learn, heal and grow.