Julia Wyncoll
Director, Inhabit Pilates & Movement

Julia is a dynamic teacher and has been engaging students for over 20 years. Originally a modern dancer, information about how, why, and where the body moves piqued her interest. Julia went on to study with some of the top minds in movement including IdeoKinesis with Pamela Matt, Pilates with Dianne Miller and Michelle Larsson, and dance with faculty and mentors throughout Canada and the U.S.

Julia is a level 1 Franklin Method Educator and Inhabit is home to four Franklin-trained teachers. The method’s influence is deeply felt in the way we teach, encouraging students to be active partners in their learning and movement towards health. Julia is also a certified ELDOA 1 teacher and a 3-D level 1 teacher.

Julia keeps coming back to the Pilates method as a source for movement training, both in her own body and to help others move well, find health, and live longer, better lives. Julia’s teaching is firm and clear while being compassionate and encouraging.

Learn more about Julia at www.juliawyncoll.com

Riki Richter, D.O.M.P., D.S.C.O.
Movement Therapy Director, Synergy Sports Medicine

Riki has been teaching Pilates for 23 years and has taught anatomy for numerous teacher trainees including Downward Dog’s for 12 years. At Synergy, she developed rehab protocols used the clinic’s “Movement Based Rehabilitation” model. She is an osteopathic manual practicioner and brings current movement research to the training.

Learn more about Rikki at www.synergysportsmedicine.com