You may have noticed some beautiful black and white photos of Denise doing pilates, in and around the studio. In addition to teaching group classes and private lessons at Inhabit, Denise is a Thai Massage Therapist. Read her biography on our teacher page.
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Get to know Denise a little better…

IPT_0714_3083Q. Denise, what inspires you to move?

A. I’ve been dancing since I was 8 years old, so movement is ingrained. Being a Mom, I want to keep up with my kids, so I take opportunities to bicycle and walk whenever I can.

Q. What is your approach to teaching private lessons?

A. I give my students 100% attention, identifying their individual needs, and suggesting modifications. Being a dancer, I have a good eye for alignment. I see how helpful private instruction can be for students, to bring what they’ve learned to a group class.

Q.What is your Wednesday morning Fundamental class like?

A. The class is focused on alignment, posture, and stretching. Although it’s great for beginners, I’d also recommend for people who have been doing pilates for some time – it’s a great reminder.

Q. What do you love about Inhabit?

A. In this smaller studio space, I can teach smaller group sizes and give the attention required, the focused detail required. We’re trying to make a difference for students, by tailoring programs to each individual. Overall I love the good vibes, down-to-earth-feeling, and amazing clients.

Q. And lastly, what are your passions?

A. My children, the outdoors, biking, and visiting the Beach.

Read Denise’s bio on our Teacher Page