I love flipping the calendar over to the month of January. It’s un-marked, fresh and full of space and promise.  I love it the way I love taking down the holiday decorations and feeling like I have somehow more room in my house. I love cleaning one room and removing all the things in it that shouldn’t be there and having shelves tidy and de-cluttered.

I don’t really make resolutions on one day each year.  I make them all the time.  I think it’s mostly the act of noticing when things are getting slightly off the rails, slightly too full with stuff that isn’t working.  Sometimes that is too many quick meals and not enough home cooked, sometimes it is not enough movement and too many car drives, sometimes it is just the fact that my mind is unfocused and I need to set goals and create work-able time lines. When I notice things that aren’t working, there is great relief in the resolve to make it better, and even better relief in the acting on that resolve.

What I have found most true in my life is that one good thing begets another.  If I start the day with my favorite green smoothie, I’m way less likely to eat junk during the day.  If I start the day with exercise and movement, I’m way more likely to get stuff done and feel happy.  When I’m happy, eating well, I’m way more likely to work through conflict with my dearest ones easily and enjoy interactions with everyone more.  One kiss leads to more…

Make your resolutions and goals and intentions how you like. And then resolve and act.  That small thing will blossom into many more.  And imagine what the power of all of us being more awesome could be together?!  Wishing you the cleanest of slates for January 2017.