tennis_massageGrab a ball or a roller and roll out your body.

Rolling out the body has great benefits:  

  1. It increases your proprioception to an area of the body. I liken that to driving on a highway with the lights on the road, instead of in the dark. If you are going to go for a walk or a run, it would be great to wake up all the nerve connections from your brain to your foot for instance.
  2. The entire body is wrapped in a 

    sinuous material called Fascia. I know you’ve heard about this from us before, but it is the web of connective tissue literally housing every cell, organ, muscle and nerve in the body. Rolling out the body increase blood and therefore water flow to those tissues. It makes them healthier and more pliable, more responsive and less stiff.

  3. It brings us in contact with the tension we are storing in our body. Many days we are just not aware of all the tension that we are carrying in our shoulders, feet, gluteal muscles, calves, etc. Getting in contact with that tension means you just might have the urge to breathe, to release and to move it OUT of your body. Letting go of tension allows for a clean slate, a fresh start. Holding onto tension requires energy and if we feel tired, that just might be why.
  4. Despite the bit of deep sensation you might feel, it really feels good to take care of ourselves like this. Notice the before and after state, not just of your muscles, but of your whole person. You might be calmer, more relaxed, less stressed.

DIY Tricks for Rolling:

  • A tennis ball is the cheapest ball around. It’s great for the soles of the feet. You can also put it on the wall and move your back or shoulder area over it while you lean into the wall (like a bear scratching it’s back on a tree).
  • Fill a plastic water bottle with water and freeze it. Then use that to roll out your feet after a particularly long day of standing. The cold will feel refreshing and help bring down inflammation.
  • If you have the Franklin balls they are fabulous for all over the body, especially on legs, gluteals, and between the shoulder blades. We use them a lot in class so you can get lots of ideas with us. If you don’t, sometimes the dollar store will sell a reasonable alternative that can get in there for you for few dollars!


  • Don’t roll out any where in your body so hard that you bruise or feel worse afterwards. There are nerves in your tissues that you don’t want to damage.
  • Go slow and easy, day after day you’ll make better headway with that approach.
  • Don’t roll out the belly area, or the lower back if you are pregnant.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Breathe and listen to your body.