We are preparing to run our second Teacher Training Mentorship Program. Stepping into this role reminds me daily of the great minds that I have had the true honour of studying with intensively.

Joseph Pilates himself trained only a few select students who he trusted and mentored intensively.  Those students worked out with him, watched him work, and apprenticed under him and Clara (his wife and co-gym director). From all reports, he seemed to have instilled a different sort of gem about the work in each of his students, and what they grew and developed as primary tenants of the work also differed slightly.  I am endlessly grateful that my teacher, Dianne Miller, studied with not one but many of these original teachers. From this diverse range of influences, she synthesized into her Education program a vision of Pilates that I grew up on, and that resonates with me still.

When I started our program at Inhabit, I did so with real gratitude for Dianne’s mind and her work.  I feel her sense of integrity keeping me on my toes, and diligent in keeping up the quality of work that we do at the studio.  We are a studio team of thinkers and problem solvers, movers and believers, and our teacher trainers get to immerse themselves in studying with all of us, on top of the classroom time.

My vision for the Teacher Training program is different than Dianne’s, because that is what she taught me to do. Think for myself, look at the work and at the heart of what I do and figure out how best I can pass that on.  I’m invested in helping teachers think about how to help others move in these bodies of ours, because strength and health are everything.  It’s a privilege to do what I do, and to see others step into the role of teacher.


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Our information session takes place September 15th at 5:30pm. Please contact us to R.S.V.P