Sarah teaches the Mobility and ELDOA mat at Inhabit, as well as coaching students in equipment classes, and through private training. Learn more on our teacher page.


At Inhabit, I teach...a little bit of everything! I am available for private instruction, a lot of which tends to focus on post-rehabilitation work, but also to prepare any new students for group equipment and mat classes. I teach group equipment classes, and 3 types of mat classes including spine, deep strength, and fundamentals classes.


My approach to teaching pilates is…guided by my mission to understand the overall person: why have you come to Inhabit? What process brought you here? And what are your personal goals for your body? I do a lot of post-rehabilitation work with people and by the time they arrive here they have often tried several other methods, and are feeling frustrated with their lack of progress. I respond by creating a welcoming comfortable environment so we can be honest and open about where they are, where we can go, and how to achieve it.


Experience working with students with concussions… What people don’t realize sometimes is that in the case of a concussion, the whole body has gone through trauma; it’s so much more than just the brain. Some people try to do too much too fast – that is not my approach as it can lead to adverse reactions in the body. 

I start by assessing the whole body so we can locate muscular or connective tissue stressors that may be impacting the spine. It’s a slow process, but the body responds much better when things are integrated at an easy pace. A success would be seeing a person’s symptoms decrease (i.e. dizziness when getting up, problems with computer screens, general fatigue etc.).


On working with older students with long standing posture issues… Often we start by working past any guilt they may have about not doing something about their posture sooner. A lot of mobility can be gained back with proper support and commitment, so I encourage students to stay positive and focus on the work that can be done. After teaching for 10 years, it never ceases to amaze me how many things you can change!


What I love about Inhabit… the teaching team is great; we all bring a similar approach and I am very confident in the quality of support we bring to our students.  The studio itself is open, but private – I love the space.



In addition to teaching pilates at Inhabit…I am in a band CATL. This summer we have some festivals and shows lined up, so we’ll be on the road here and there. Performing on stage can be quite an intense workout, so as well as Pilates I also run to keep my breathing and stamina up. I find running is a perfect activity to get the body warmed up quickly, then I’ll follow each run with deep stretching.