In the Franklin Method, Eric calls posture “dynamic alignment.” He is referencing the dual facts that the body is always moving and not static, and that in movement, our bodies are reacting to forces internal and external. We need to learn to move well and stop thinking of correcting our bodies in a static position. 

Our approach is based on this reality. Clients often come to us for low back or hip pain, or forward head. Approaching any of these issues means that we have to look at all the systems of support in the body and brain, and get these back on line. You, the client, have to feel what needs to work, and feel how your bones are there to support you— that is a process we embark on together. It often means undoing patterns of support that have been created over time in the body for a myriad of reasons (avoiding pain, lifestyle habits, injury compensation, emotional and stress related symptoms). Undoing means letting go, which is also is a process we embark on together, in a container of respect and trust.  

Finding our Dynamic Alignment, will often mean strengthening parts of the body and opening others. We utilize Pilates for the genius of the loaded resistance in the springs, ELDOA for the genius of opening parts of the body while strengthening all your postural muscles, and turn to the Franklin Method for making sure our brain is engaged in the process of change. This is powerful medicine for real change. 

So be it bad back, sore knees, or tight neck – we are interested in getting your whole body moving and finding your strength. And we care a lot about doing it in a positive, calm, and steady atmosphere, so you can take the time to do it right. As the old commercial goes “You’re worth it.”