In a private session, you have our undivided attention. We focus completely on you and your needs – whether you’re working with an injury or special concern, you find group exercise intimidating, or you just want to see results quickly.

We have the full range of Pilates equipment, not just Reformers, so you’ll work out on the chair, cadillac, barrel, and more. Our expert teachers are supportive and will challenge your body with care. We’ll make sure your time is well spent and you’re reaching your goals.

Perfect! How do I get started?

      1. Book your first private session. We recommend booking with the same teacher each time. If you’re new to Inhabit, we have a great Get Started Package.
      2. We’ll get to know you, address your strengths and weaknesses (we all have ‘em!), any areas of concern, and talk about your goals.
      3. We’ll teach you how to find and use your muscle systems to improve posture and alignment, and move well.
      4. We’ll teach you how to use our full-range of equipment safely.
      5. We’ll get to work!

Book a Private Session

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