The first week of our four week Franklin Method, Level 1, training has come and gone.

Christina, Julia Male and I spent 5 days immersed in the art of imagery and the bone rhythms of the pelvis.  This training is also the culmination of work and coordination efforts from years’ previous, as Inhabit Studio organized and hosted the training.  We had teachers come from as far away as Oregon, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.  We had English professors, Osteopaths, Dancers, and many movement teachers in attendance.

I’ve been studying movement all my life: in a university, dance training, and studio setting.  A few things set the Franklin Method apart. One is that they are truly focused on student experience.  The art of imagery teachings relies on the fact that your mind can make a difference in changing your bodies’ experience. But – obviously – this can’t happen without a willing mind. So, great care was taken to set up a positive learning experience where the process is at the forefront.  I felt very free to make mistakes, to try things out, to experiment.  The other stand out feature of the Franklin Method is the deep knowledge of the body that is brought to you through images, and through experiential anatomy.  Having taken many anatomy and kinesiology courses, I can say that this is the one that makes the information stick – our knowledge is alive in our bodies.

As a part of my training, I will be teaching two workshops, two times and then writing a report on my work. The first workshop is called “Dynamic Imagery” and delves into the different kinds of imagery, and why we would care to use images at all.  This workshop is great for anyone with a body who wants to feel better, but also for educators of any kind, eager to have more learning styles to reach more students.  It also helps us come face to face to the “self talk” that may be holding us back in our physical experience.  The second workshop is “Pelvic Power” and this class illuminates the bones and joints of the pelvis and begins to allow us to move more clearly.  Standing, walking and sitting become more free and easy, and more powerful.  If you have a pelvis – this is for you!

I’ll be registering four people for each course, to be taught on late Thursday afternoons, April 9 and April 30. If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll hold you a spot (first come first served).

I am really excited to be a student again.  I feel I have information at my fingertips to bring your learning to a new level and that also excites me.   We’ll be using some of this material right away in some of our classes, so come in and enjoy.