We intentionally keep our classes small so we’re always able to give individual corrections and encouragement. We want you to move safely and get the most from your time with us. Our classes are pre-registered so please book your spot in advance online or at the studio.

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Class Descriptions

The numbers indicate the experience level you may need to participate. 1 is for everyone, and 1/2 or 2 includes modifications so everyone can move at their own level. Classes without a number are accessible to everyone.


We’ll focus on the fundamentals of movement, breathing, and strengthening at a manageable pace. Improve flexibility and alignment, and begin to feel your body change. This class is best for new students or for those returning to exercise after injury, pregnancy, or any hiatus.


This blend of classical Pilates mat work and conditioning challenges the whole body and builds strength and coordination. This is an inclusive class with modifications, so you can move at your own level. Expect to feel worked and taller, but also grounded.


A traditional mat class with a twist, we’ll use rotating props to work your whole body and fire up your metabolism. Circuit Mat offers something different each week. You’ll feel strong and energized – and your brain will appreciate the variety.


We’ll apply dynamic movement to classical mat work and get your heart rate up! Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional mat class plus improved endurance and balance. Modifications allow you to move at your own level Expect to feel energized. This is a great full-body workout.


This is the class your Physiotherapist wants you to take to stay strong. We’ll work the whole body from bottom to top, and include deep Myofascial stretches that lengthen, create change, and restore balance. A truly preventative and energizing workout.


This class draws from Pilates repertoire and the Myofascial stretch and strength work of Guy Voyer (creator of the ELDOA). With sustained, active stretches, this in-depth workout targets key areas for strength and opens up tight areas of the body. You’ll feel worked, balanced, and taller.