There are many binary options trader in the market among those IQ option is the most famous and reputed broker in the market.Popularity for this trading site is increasing at an alarming rate.People Around the world are using this platform to trade.Thousands of traders are using this broker daily which gives it a trust issue.

Here in this article, I am going to discuss you how to trade with IQ option review in some simple steps.There are many traders who commit to giving lots of returns but ultimately comes to an end with nothing.But this broker is not of that kind it has a good reputation with a decent amount of returns.


This broker has a two main process to use firstly if you are using this demo version it will be wholly new and safe experience.First of all, you have to open an account in IQ option which is an online trading site. After registering the account you have to sign up with your email or facebook account so that you can log in.Once you are logged in two options will appear.

Firstly the demo version which will help you to trade with some points which will be given by the broker for free so that you can understand the broking site and can practise with it.The other is direct with the real investment. The minimum investment for trading on this platform is $10 which is very cheap as compared to the other traders.This is a perfect broker for the beginners.

Here you have to trade depending on which trade you want to bet on you can either put or call on the trades.You can also select from the different assets available in this broking site.

This site uses a very different and advanced technology which includes graphics and charts which help you to give the best of the result to the trader. This trading site has a high range of reliable traders who helps you to give the best of the output for you better output.

This site also includes a chatting facility which helps the trader to interact with the broker easily and conveniently so that they can get the best of the output of their investments.

Trading in this site is very easy as now you can easily trade with the help of your smartphone which is a very convenient process and you can trade on your go.

Here are some of the simple process by following which you can trade in this binary option site