iMessage is a default app for Mac users. This app made a huge impact on ios and Mac users even though its official app for them. This app allows you to chat, make a voice call, video call, and many more features. If the Skype is for Windows then iMessage is for Mac. Actually, this app is more popular video calling app than any app in this era. You can make video calls, voice calls, chat, video chat and many more things through this app. It gives you an ultimate experience of it. If you are not using Mac then you are really missing something. Don’t worry there is no need to use Mac to run this app. Here you have a chance to use this app in Windows too. You can use iMessage on your Windows PC by following below guide.

There are many ways you can use this iMessage app on the Windows system. Now you can go through these all three ways and use the iMessage app.

iMessage for Windows 7/7.1/8/8.1/10

As I said there are three ways to use this to download imessage on pc. All of them are perfectly easy and you can choose the best and easy one to perform. Here we go.

Use iMessage in Windows using Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Here you need to have two PC with the different operating system. One must have Windows and another one Mac.
  • Now you might have the Google Chrome Browser in both of your systems if not then download and install in both of them.
  • Now you have to open Google Chrome Remote Desktop and connect both systems using this amazing feature.
  • Now you can use any software on the Mac in Windows. So, this is one of the great solutions to use iMessage in Windows.

iMessage for PC using Bluestacks App Player

  • Download and Install Bluestacks App Player for your Windows PC.
  • You may know about this Bluestacks App Player this is the software which helps you to run the android apps.
  • You have the Bluestacks App Player then open it on your system.
  • Here you have to connect to the internet and sign in to Gmail account in Bluestacks App Player.
  • Now you will get a search bar there then search for iMessage then and install it on your device.
  • Now you can enjoy the app by using it on Windows system.

iMessage for PC using iPadian.

You may don’t know about this. Here we have the software which helps you to run ios apps on your Windows system. It’s called as iPadian and it’s a simulator.

  • Here we have the link to download iPadian on your system. Then install it there.
  • Now your complete PC look will be changed and it will look as same as Mac operating system. Now you can use even your Windows system for Mac software.
  • You can easily find the iMessage there then use it and enjoy,