September is more a New Year to me than January.  In September I get a deep-seated urge to clean out the cupboards, de-clutter (metaphorically and literally), and goal set.  At home, we’ve cleaned out a couple of rooms, I’ve set meal plans in action, and I’ve also set aside time for my personal must-haves: exercise, mediation, sleep, and good food.  I feel like an architect in September; how do I want my week to feel, to shape and to flow – and does it serve my needs and meet those to whom I am responsible?  While the response to this is ever-evolving, it sure does feel good to have a game plan.

At a recent staff meeting, we renewed our philosophy here at Inhabit studio.  Being a 3rd generation Pilates teacher, I feel the responsibility of carrying on the tradition of rigour, innovation, and clarity.  My mentors have passed on what it was like to go to Joseph Pilates’ studio for a class, and I can tell you that people came to work.  Joseph and Clara (his wife), in their German innovator fashion, were clear and precise teachers and asked for effort and attention from their students.  Peeling back the layers that have been holding you back from being at your best, Pilates is worth the effort. The reward is building a better, stronger body that gives you pleasure – not pain.

We’re making a game plan this September that involves you.  We want to zero in on the work that will create change for you, whether you come to our Equipment or Mat classes. What if we could de-clutter that neck and shoulder area and have it feel strong and supple? How about we clear up those hips so there is ease in your lower back and knees? Why not flow through your spine, while you breathe, and see how good it feels.  That’s our game plan. My wish is that you can commit to your time here in the studio, and carve out some time for yourself this Fall. We’ll be here and ready for you!