Every Fall the studio’s birthday creeps up on me.

We just turned six (6!!!).  In some ways I can hardly believe it’s been that long and in others, just like with your first child, each day and year has been slow, sometimes painful, always fruitful and challenging.

I am mostly overwhelmed this year with the honour of having had a chance to impact so many lives, in our calm and unusual studio.  We do things so differently, and I so believe in our decisions to model our studio as we have.  Our programs ask that our students commit to themselves and their learning. Nothing is fast, or even particularly cheap.  We prefer the slow, the deliberate and the deep.  We ask that you search inside your mind to find your own body. That you become your own healer and see your body as your partner, fit for life. When I started this studio, I was afraid I wouldn’t find enough students who would value this in a society that loves the booty workout and the fast fix.  Instead, I’ve found a tribe of people who are happy to go on the journey, and with whom I’ve had the real honour of working alongside.

Some of the most rewarding comments come as a small aside, the fact that periods aren’t painful anymore, one can swallow easily again, the inch that is recovered in height, the osteopenia stalled in it’s tracks,  the delight in finding muscles one didn’t know we had,  and even friendships that have formed from one mat or machine to another.  I’m so happy we are making a difference.

My immense gratitude goes to my staff, Sarah K, Milena, Sacha, Denise, and Jones, and to our recently graduated and inspiring new teachers Sheri and Sarah F.  We are all so lucky to work with you. The teachers’ generosity of spirit is truly beautiful, and the digging they do to bring you the best classes makes them the best at what they do. To all the other teachers who worked with me for a long or short time, to Caitlin, Amy, and Monique who work quietly with me behind the scenes to keep the studio humming. To Melanie who has been there since year two for a bi-weekly phone call, sometimes pulling me back from the edge.  And to my family.  My youngest was 5 when I opened the studio and my kids have grown up with a Mom who has had this little project that grew and grew, and they’ve been nothing but generous and gracious along the way. My husband, oh my… I can’t even begin to describe the many many ways he has offered meaningful support.

Please join me in singing Happy Birthday to Inhabit, the studio that is filled with all of your good energies and that I so delight in walking into each day.  This week there will be treats on the desk for us all, and I’m hoping we can all share in the joy of getting older together.  Nothing but good coming our way!