Google, the World’s Popular Tech giant recently unveiled that it is developing a new app at a tech conference in Boston. Google’s new app has the ability to identify and recognise the food items from photos and estimates the number of calories in your meal. Google has entitled this new app as ‘Im2Calories’ and developed this app based on Image-Processing Technology so as to identify the food in pictures source Im2Calories app estimates the number of calories present in the food by analysing the pixels in the pictures of that particular food photo.

Im2Calories App

Im2Calories is Artificial Intelligence software that is totally based on algorithms used to estimate the number of calories in your Instagram food photos, Popular Science reported. Also added, “The long-term goal for this technology is more wide-reaching”. According to a Scientist at Google Research, Kevin Murphy, “The app is expected to get better as people start using it”.

How does it work?

‘Im2Calories’ is a beneficial app that has been unveiled by Google can be utilised in the best way. You can just click on the food that is present in your plate and that Instagram Photo can be used to analyse the number of calories. It takes that image in the form of pixels and the system gauges the size of pieces of food in relation to the plate. Meanwhile, it generates and estimates the total count of calories that you are going to eat. You can even choose whether the information is true or not by using approve or disapprove option. You can rectify the software if it misreads the photo.

The Scientist at Google Research Windows 10, Murphy had quoted that, “We’re going to average over a week or a month or a year. And now we can start to potentially join information from multiple people and start to do population level statistics”.

Benefits of Google’s “Im2Calories” App

  • Estimates the total number of calories that are being consumed
  • Developed using Unique Image-Processing technology where you can capture images of the food that you eat every day.
  • Analyses and recognises the name of particular food.
  • You can maintain your own diet by having an awareness of how many calories are consumed so that you can acquire good health.
  • Google can count calories through Food Images
  • Simplifies the process of maintaining a food diary
  • Eliminates manual plugging and serving sizes into an app
  • You have an additional facility of rectifying the software even if the software gets confused in recognising the food items.
  • For instance, if you take a picture of fried eggs for poached, it may misread and analyse it as some other food item. So, this app facilitates you by correcting the software.