Coming home from Portland, where I had been studying for a week in mid September with the Franklin Level 2 group, I felt a lot of gratitude.


Getting to spend five days immersed in muscles, fascia, and embodiment is dreamy for someone like me. No distractions, just pure learning.  The Franklin Method is based on using images and knowledge to create change and healthy function in the body.  We learned about the inner workings of the body and then really asked ourselves to imagine, to excite the brain with rich and varied images, and then to notice the changes we can create.  I completely believe in our power to change, by adjusting our thinking and being positive.  We were challenged to really up our game that week, creating images that were more complex, more specific and more “Level 2.”


One of the most beautiful moments for me happened a week after I came home. I was teaching a lovely 10-year-old girl whose diligent and caring Mother had brought her in so we could look at supporting her growing body with some focused attention.  At this age, differences start to show up and you can begin to see the challenges that a body might face as it ages. For this girl, there are some possible minor deviations of her spine.   While there were many ways to approach her and the class, after speaking to her and realizing she was cognitively able to grasp concepts, we dove right into looking at some of the bones. With two minor interventions in terms of her thinking around how the shoulder blade moves and her relation to her leg bones while she was standing and moving, we saw immediate and significant change in her function and posture.


Exercises by themselves will only create strength gains for the brief present. In order to make lasting change we need to THINK our way through change; see it, imagine it, and invest in the possibility of feeling comfortable and strong all of the time.  It takes practice, just like doing your planks takes discipline.  The pay offs are health and long lasting ability in your body.


I’m In!  How about you?