I’m en route home from lovely, if rainy, Portland and my third immersive week of the Franklin Method, Level 2 training.

The Franklin Method work continues to take deep roots, not only for me but within me.  The two things that first drew me to the Method were: my desire to bring the best knowledge to my teaching, and a love for learning how the bones relate to one another in movement.  At first, the work helped me to clarify many of my cues, as well as the intention in the movement we teach.

Now however, four years into my work with the Franklin Method, the work has settled into my life in a much deeper way.  We often call our work in Pilates “Mind and Body work,” and I do still think that the focus does indeed call on the mind to work with the body.  However, I now ask more of my mind body connection.  The Franklin Method now interacts with me on a whole new level – helping me direct clearer muscle action, feel fascial pulls throughout the body in concrete ways, and even to help steady my mind when it is anxious or overwrought.

It has also provided me with a path towards healing in my own body.  Some of this has been major – like the work I did to help heal a broken bone last year, and continue to practice to embody good function in my leg moving forward. Currently, I’ve been appreciating how I can take myself to a spinning class – encounter the potential of putting my shoulders and neck into pain and discomfort, but instead think and image my way to comfort, ease, and better work. I’m grateful for these mini interventions with my body that my mind takes part in many times a day.  I have many tools at my disposal, and a real belief in the power of my mind to create a happier home in my body.

We are about to embark on a Spring Franklin Method Fest at our studio, back home in Toronto!  I’m starting it off next month, alongside my colleague Sacha, with a pelvis workshop. We will follow that up in May with a foot workshop. Together we will cover so many things that will be of benefit to you and help you to know your body better! As well, we have a two part Master Class coming up with Morten Dithmer in June.  If Fascia and Psoas work entices you, you won’t want to miss this day.  I hope to see you there!