Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates is suitable for almost everyone. But, we may need to modify exercises or change your workout to keep things safe and effective for you. Examples of this are osteoperosis, or hip replacements, post injury, or pre/post natal circumstances. We do not work with children younger than twelve as bones are still being formed. If you have physical challenges, please call Inhabit Pilates and Movement and discuss your situation before coming in, to determine what is the best class for you. All students should have permission from their doctor to start an exercise program, and have filled in the Intake Form accurately. Coming early to class means we will have a moment to touch base about any issues you’d like to bring forward.

Do men take Pilates?

Yes! You might be in the minority here, but that’s changing! Pilates is really effective for men wanting to build strength, increase flexibility and create safe movement patterns so that the rest of your life can be pain free. Pilates creates a lean and strong look, without the bulk that can often be the reason for sports injuries. It also targets the midriff and strengthens the stomach area, and often immediately alleviates low back pain. You’ll feel better on the ice rink, golf course, or picking up your child or grandchild than ever before.

Do I need a mat?

Yes and No. We will always have enough mats at the studio for everyone in the class. You may want to have your own mat for your personal comfort – and this way you’ll have no excuse not to use it at home!

Do I take the Beginner or Intermediate mat class? What if I am just coming back to exercise?

A common remark is that “there is a lot to think about in Pilates”. The beginner class helps you understand the basic movements and concepts incorporated into all Pilates work. This time is an investment in yourself and will allow you to move forward into the more challenging work safely and comfortably. Some students choose to re-take the beginners class many times until they have a firm understanding of the work in their bodies, while others are ready to advance right away. Beginners classes can also be excellent for those who enjoy a slower
pace, and for those who are returning to exercise.

Intermediate and Advanced classes expect that the student is able to move more quickly through the material and has a good base of understanding in their own body. That being said, we always have modifications up our sleeves so you can get a good workout without hurting yourself or being intimidated by difficult movements and choreography. The best thing here is to talk to a teacher and let us help you pick the right class for you.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing for moving and preferably bare feet. Keeping your clothes relatively form fitting allows the teacher to see your movement and structure better, and give you clear instruction. At the same time, you should feel comfortable and secure. (We don’t recommend short shorts.)

Why pre-register?

We have learned over the years that people commit and attend regularly when they pre-pay for a series, and this allows us to teach everyone a better class. With a regular group, class work progresses and deepens, and very simply, you get more for your money (and your hour) this way. Knowing that life can be really busy, we make all efforts to ensure you use all your classes by allowing for make-ups during your term. If you can’t commit in this way and need more flexibility in your schedule, you can buy a class card and use your classes at your leisure.

Don’t see something you want?

Just let us know and we will do our best to integrate your request into our schedule. If you have a group of friends and you’d like a class time created just for you – we can do that! Working out with friends can make it all that much more fun.