It has been a hard week for many people.  Living with election results south of the border, losing the wonderful poet Mr. Cohen  – it’s all hard.  In our house, we are taking it in a little bit at a time. As dual citizens, my husband and I feel like we have a lot to process.

When big things hit like this, our nervous system takes a hit too. Did you notice anything this week – disturbed sleep, achiness, a cold taking hold? Or maybe a need to withdraw from conversations just as an act of self preservation? It’s all real and it’s good if we can take cues from the body to take care when needed, act and step in when we feel ready.

I hope that Inhabit is a real haven in times like this. The mat is yours for the hour. Being quiet and tuning in is a real and important piece in processing and being able to honour the impact you may have felt.  And though I think it goes without saying, perhaps it doesn’t.  You are all welcome.  Everyone of any  race, sexual orientation, and religion. If you have a body, you have a place here.