Our equipment classes are unique. Rather than follow an instructor, you lead yourself through a program designed just for you. And when you’re ready for new challenges, we update your program. With the support of our expert teachers, you’ll improve in leaps and bounds.

Personalized programs respond to your body’s needs on any given day – whether you’re sore, tight, or feeling energized. Plus, independent exercise works your brain, making good movement a habit and part of your everyday life. We strongly believe a self-directed approach is the best way to get results.

We have the full range of Pilates equipment, not just Reformers, so you’ll work out on the chair, cadillac, barrel, and more. This means you’ll work from the complete system of the Pilates method. Our 5-1 student/teacher ratio ensures a safe, productive class that’s also affordable.

To join a group equipment class, you’ll need at least 3 private sessions with one of our teachers.

Great! How do I get started?

    1. Sign up for at least 3 private lessons with one of our teachers. We recommend booking with the same teacher each time. If you’re new to Inhabit, we have a great Get Started Package.
    2. We’ll get to know you, address your strengths and weaknesses (we all have ‘em!), any areas of concern, and talk about your goals.
    3. We’ll teach you how to find and use your muscle systems to improve posture and alignment, and move well.
    4. We’ll teach you how to use our full-range of equipment safely
    5. You’ll come in and get to work!

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