Developed by French Osteopath Guy Voyer of Marseilles France, “ELDOA” is a revolutionary stretching technique designed to improve overall spine health. ELDOA  targets every level of your spine to create space and relieve compression around each vertebrae. ELDOA is very effective for those with back pain, spinal issues, or disc related injury, and it’s a great way to help ward off degeneration.

For best results in our ELDOA classes, we recommend 2 private sessions with one of our certified teachers:

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Class Descriptions

We recommend you start with ELDOA 1/2 and progress to ELDOA 2 classes.  If you are experiencing nerve symptoms or pain, please call us first so we can determineif this technique is right for you.

ELDOA 1/ 2

This class teaches the revolutionary ELDOA technique and helps recreate length in the spine. We’ll segmentally open the space between the vertebrae, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and restore balance. You’ll leave feeling open and strong.


This class combines Stretch & Strength with the spine-lengthening exercises of Osteopath, Guy Voyer. We’ll segmentally open and decompress the spine along with sustained, active stretches in tight areas of the body. You’ll work hard, but you’ll leave with a feeling of relief and length. Some experience with the ELDOA technique or some private sessions are recommended.