Exercises should be done sitting, feet flat on the floor hip width apart, seated at the front of your seat on top of your sitz bones with a tall spine. Breathe deeply and easily as you move and pay attention to keeping your shoulders falling away from your ears.

Spinal Movement:

  1. Roll down from the head first sequencing through the spine until you are curving to your waist. Then slowly roll back up to a tall sit. Sequence head first on the way down, and head comes up last on the way up.  Keep Abdominals active for support for the spine.
  2. Extension – Arms crossed,fingers on collar bones.  Turn collar bones upward and extend back being careful not to take it into the lower back or neck spine – just move the upper back.  Eyes will scan up the wall and then- return back to in front as you return to a tall sit – but you are moving from your collar bones down the spine.
  3. Still with fingers on collar bones -arms crossed.  Sit tall and rotate spine from lower spine upwards until you perhaps gaze towards the side or back of the room, and then return in a fluid motion to facing front.
  4. Side bending – arms hang by sides. Inhale to side bend stretching away from the sitz bone you are moving From.  Exhale to return to a tall sit.


  1. Gluteal Stretch – Cross one ankle over your knee, keep spine as tall as possible.  To increase the intensity of the stretch, keep the back straight, but fold forward at the hip.  Do both sides.
  2. Hamstring Stretch – extend one leg in front with heel down and foot flexed.  Keep the non-working leg bent with foot flat on the floor.  Lean forward with straight spine.  Hold and repeat to the other side.