Calling all Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructors! Is your cuing at odds with what’s actually happening in the body? For example, in a twist we often hear cues like, “lengthen into your twist”. This isn’t in alignment with what the spine is doing when we twist.

Using the wisdom from the Franklin Method Bone Rhythms, at Inhabit we cue students to imagine the spine screwing down towards the earth as they twist and when we invite students out of the twist we ask them to unscrew and lengthen up. During the twist there is a nourishing compression between the spinal discs (like a gentle hug) and then when we are rebounding out of the twist we are creating a spaciousness that feels like fluffing up the pillows of our discs.

Try it in your own body!  What do you think?

Hear more about this approach and our upcoming anatomy workshop in Julia’s audio-note:

Deepen and integrate your anatomy knowledge. Learn how the body moves through embodied explorations, powerful imagery and anatomy assessments. We’ll explore squatting, twisting, lifting the arms, bending at the hips and back-bending. You’ll leave the workshop with an understanding of how the bones relate to each other, how they move in alignment with each other, and what happens when parts of the skeleton are not moving optimally. Your teaching will be empowered with fresh cues and helpful images to better support your clients. Bonus: A brief introduction to tensegrity action of the fascial and muscular systems is included.

Saturday June 4, 1-7pm & Sunday June 5, 10am-5pm

Sign up for the Anatomy Perspectives here under workshops.