Inhabit Pilates and Movement offers two types of group classes and Private Training

Mat, Equipment and Private Training

We think it is very important that the work you do with us is done right, and so our classes are just the right size. We are always able to give individual corrections and encouragement, and you will find the atmosphere friendly and inclusive. No snooty studio vibes here – come in, have fun and get to work.

Our Mat classes are grouped by Level

Level 1 class

This is a great place to start and we encourage you to invest the time to get a feel for our curriculum and exercises.  Level 1 classes cover material that will help your body get stronger, open up and stretch, and begin to replace old habits with new habits of good alignment and postural strength.  A Level 1 class is good for those coming back to exercise after injury, postpartum, or after a hiatus of any sort, and also have a calm and slower pace that many of our clients may enjoy.

Level 2 class

This class requires a base of some strength and ability, but is quite accessible to all.  This is a great class to use to build on our Level 1 concepts and to get stronger and longer with.  Expect to feel worked, but also standing tall and grounded after one of these classes.

Level 3 class

These classes link sequences of movements to breath, and has a faster pace.  A good level of fitness is required for this class.

Class Descriptions

Fundamentals: Level 1

Our Fundamentals class teaches you the core principles of movement at Inhabit. We learn to pay attention to our alignment and support our structure with exercises that focus on key strength areas in the body.  We learn to deepen our breath, to make exercise work for YOUR body, and to stretch effectively. Our goal is to initiate change in the body so you can become healthier and feel better, and give you the tools to go to a Level 2 class when you want to. This class can be used as an Intro Level class, or for any client who wants to return to basics to support their body (i.e. postpartum, or post-injury).

ELDOA: Level 1 & 2

Developed by French Osteopath Guy Voyer of Marseilles France, “Eldoa” is a revolutionary stretching technique designed to improve overall spine health. Our Spine Class teaches these stretches and helps the body re-create length in the spine.

  • Many common issues, including lower back and neck pain are caused by compression and muscles imbalance. By opening the space between the vertebrae, restoring balancing, and strengthening the surrounding muscles, many of these problems can be alleviated.
  • Since there is an ELDOA for every vertebral level of the spine, we are able to be quite specific about the area we want to target.
  • ELDOA have been known to positively affect spinal conditions such as scoliosis, and can greatly accelerate rehabilitation from disc related injury including herniation and protrusions.
  • They are also great as a preventative technique to help ward off degeneration and a wonderful way to strengthen the core -leaving you feeling open and strong.

For best results in our ELDOA classes, we recommend 2 privates with one of our certified staff.

ELDOA’s are very effective when done properly and it is our goal to have you start in class with the best possible set up and readiness. Please buy the ELDOA prep package of 2 privates today and contact us to book your private lessons


Deep Strength/Preventative Strength: Level 2

These classes helps you strengthen under-used areas of the body which often get neglected but are key to preventing injury and staying healthy.  A truly preventative class, this is a fun and energizing workout. Our Strength classes:

  • Strengthens the whole body from bottom to top – including key areas like feet, glutes, inner thighs, abdominals, spine, and back
  • Uses easy to understand strengthening exercises that are incredibly effective
  • Includes deep Myofascial stretches that lengthen, create change and restore balance

Whole Body: Level 2, and Level 3

This class draws from Pilates mat curriculum, plus our influences from other highly useful movement modalities to create a blend that addresses the whole body. Pilates principles of breath, centering, control, coordination, precision, combined with strength to get your mind moving your body where you want to go. Focus on understanding core control, but never neglecting the whole body. This level always includes modifications so you can dial it up or down as you like during class, and get stronger each week.


Equipment Classes: Maximum 5 participants

Inhabit has the full range of Pilates equipment from the reformer to the chair, trapeze table, and barrels. In our equipment classes you lead yourself through your program designed just for you. Start by getting your program developed with a series of 5 privates (your intro plus our package to get you started), then come into class and practice your program under our supportive and watchful eye. We strongly believe in the small class size and this type of program.  You will be challenged at your level, and encouraged to move forward when you are ready.

Here’s how you go about getting involved.

  • Begin with 4 or 5 private lessons with one of our staff. This investment on your part allows us to get to know you, find your strengths and weaknesses (we all have ‘em!), and create a program that addresses your goals and needs.
  • Come to group class and practice with our supervision and constant guidance, and see the leaps and bounds you take in terms of learning and improvement.
  • Safely use all the Pilates equipment, not just the reformer as in other studios.
  • Move Forward as you are ready with new exercises. Our staff will update your program as we see fit, and respond if life throws you a new challenge!

Equipment Workshop: Level 1

This four week pre-registered class allows the client to learn a beginner equipment program in a small group setting. Offered throughout our term, please inquire if you want to take part.


Private Pilates Training

Total individual attention brings great results

private1Private classes allow us to focus completely on you and what you bring to the table. We will assess your alignment, help you discover areas of strength and weakness, and get to work improving your health. A private lesson can:

  • Set your initial program so you can move into our Group Equipment classes
  • Address any special circumstances you may have – i.e. an injury, a post natal concern, preparing for an upcoming special event or sport
  • Help you to quickly move forward with your goals because of the undivided attention.

Some people simply feel that they get the most out of their workout in this setting. We will make sure your time is well spent and that you are achieving your individual goals.