We offer group mat classes, including classical Pilates and ELDOA, small group equipment classes, and private sessions.

Rooted in classical Pilates and greatly informed by the Franklin Method, our classes fully engage your body and your mind. Long-time teaching wisdom tells us when your brain works alongside your body, exercise has a whole new impact: good movement becomes habit and a part of your everyday life.

We intentionally keep our classes small, so you’ll always have individual attention and the opportunity to ask questions. Our teachers use imagery, diagrams, ball rolling, and other techniques to help you visualize your muscles and engage them effectively. We believe combining the rigour of the Pilates Method with newer techniques is the best way to success. When you leave, your whole system will feel awake and strong.

Wherever you’re at and whatever your goals, we’ll make sure your body’s there for you – in the studio and beyond.

Mat Classes

ELDOA Classes

Equipment Classes

Private Sessions