Cinema Box iOS is a newly introduced app by the same developers of the PlayBox HD app. The highlight of Cinema Box for iOS is the huge collection of HD videos, movies, TV shows, cartoons, and anime. Another perk of installing Cinema Box App on iOS devices like iPhone & iPad to watch cinemas for free.

Cinema Box for Kodi has upgraded features like kids’ mode makes it possible for adults to block any content that they think could be inappropriate. In Cinema Box for iPhone versions, you can download movies and keep it for viewing later in the offline mode.

Cinema Box  for iOS devices like iOS needs no jailbreaking which makes it a much better option than the other apps. In simple terms, Jailbreaking is removing or breaking the phone out of its jail by removing all of its the software restrictions.

These restrictions are enforced by the iOS Devices on Cinema Box iOS app. Jailbreaking allows outside extensions and installations but it is not always safe for the device and could cause malware. Don’t worry! Cinema Box Apk is safe and secure to install on iPhone.

Install Cinema Box For iOS 10, iPhone 8s/7s Plus

To install Cinema Box for iOS devices like iPhone 8s plus or 7s Plus mobiles follow given instructions carefully to get install Cinema Box HD App. If you have any trouble while installing Cinema Box HD on iPhone leave a comment at comment desk.

Note: If the account is disabled, please try again later. If Cinema Box HD App is crashing, please make sure you have the new updated version and using the latest login.

1 How-To Download Cinema Box Movies On iOS

  • Using the iCloud account, we used for logging in above, open the Cinema Box HD app and click on ‘run’
  • Now select the movie or video that you want to download and play it.
  • On the top right corner, you will be able to see a small icon, click on it.
  • Once you click on it, a new window will open which will ask permission for downloading the video. Select Yes. The video will automatically get downloaded into your device.

Cinema Box HD App is completely safe and secure and available for free download on multiple platforms like Cinema Box for Mac and devices including the Android and iOS.

2 Why Cinema Box For iOS Devices?

  • 720p high-definition videos of your choice and genre in your fingertips
  • No subscription needed which excludes the threat to security as no personal details are given.
  • No jailbreaking required so the phone is safe from any malware and bloatware or risks from outside that could affect the functioning of the device. i.e. cause any loss of data or slow the device.
  • It supports Apple TV
  • Easy navigation throughout the app and a convenient user interface.

Some of the common issues in an iPhone regarding this application is the account getting disabled or crashing. If the first, then you could easily log in and try again. If the latter, then the reason could be that your version is an outdated one and needs updating. Another issue that may arise is if the video hosting service is down.