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Finding Confidence: What I learned from a spinal health talk.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a talk on Back Pain, hosted by an old friend and colleague, Osteopath Riki Richter. Riki is one of the owners of Synergy Sports Medicine, a wonderful clinic in the west end. Thank you to Riki for the invitation and to Inhabit for sending me […]

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Posture is all connected

In the Franklin Method, Eric calls posture “dynamic alignment.” He is referencing the dual facts that the body is always moving and not static, and that in movement, our bodies are reacting to forces internal and external. We need to learn to move well and stop thinking of correcting our bodies in a static position. 

Our […]

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Happy Heart

It was with some trepidation that I set out on Module 1 of the Level 3 course of the Franklin Method. 4 weeks away from my family and work feels almost inconceivable, as does fitting this into an already very busy time. But having come so far with the Franklin Method, and knowing that the […]

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What Self Care Means to Me

As a woman and a mom, I get daily messages from the media about self care and what I should do to relieve stress in my life. I’ve wrestled with what works for me over the years, because time for myself has always been hard come by. I’ve tried the twenty minute face mask that’s […]

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On Becoming Middle Aged (alternatively titled- I plan to live to 100)

There, I said it. I’m middle aged!  My mom used to tell me it was her favorite decade and nothing to be feared. Now that I’m here, I look forward to finding out why.  

I’ve been asking many of my elder friends and clients for their advice as I turn 50. It’s been such a pleasure-lined trove […]

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How do you strengthen a muscle you can’t feel?

Imagine driving down the 401, it’s pitch black, and you’re trying to stay in the centre lane. How could you expect to do that when you can’t see clearly? Firing up a sleepy muscle is a bit like driving in the dark.

Many of us have muscles that are lying somewhat dormant, not awake enough to […]

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Tips for Changing Seasons

If the change of season also signals a change of your routine, this month can be a challenge to both your immune and nervous system. Here are a few things to keep top of mind to keep you healthy during the transition.

Sleep at the same time every night, as much as possible, and allow yourself […]

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Effort vs. Perfection: Applying what we know about child rearing to ourselves

How many of us watched the Olympics with awe at the accomplishments of the athletes?  I certainly celebrated these young people’s achievements, and noticed their mental toughness.  Many of us in the city have our children engaged in sports or physical activities as an “extra-curricular.”  As a mom with kids who are very active in […]

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Happy Birthday To Us, We Are Six!

Every Fall the studio’s birthday creeps up on me.

We just turned six (6!!!).  In some ways I can hardly believe it’s been that long and in others, just like with your first child, each day and year has been slow, sometimes painful, always fruitful and challenging.

I am mostly overwhelmed this year with the honour of […]

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Resting on the Shoulders of Giants

We are preparing to run our second Teacher Training Mentorship Program. Stepping into this role reminds me daily of the great minds that I have had the true honour of studying with intensively.

Joseph Pilates himself trained only a few select students who he trusted and mentored intensively.  Those students worked out with him, watched him […]

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