Ease-ful Movement

Our way of working with the body, our intent and our focus, can change any movement into something that promotes ease in the body – or does not.  While it may seem like a strange thing to want or work towards, ease in the body is highly desirable.  In the Franklin Method (www.franklinmethod.com) ease is […]

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Better know a teacher: Christina

Christina does it all; at Inhabit she has taught everything from private lessons, group mat, group equipment and workshops. We took a few minutes to learn a little more about her teaching style.


What is your approach to teaching Pilates? I feel like Pilates can get serious fast. Although I want the people I work with to […]

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Why all this focus on my feet?

“Why all this focus on my feet?” you might ask.  While foot exercise are embedded firmly in the Pilates curriculum, the underlying philosophy has taken a while to come to the public’s way of thinking about the body.  We have always thought it made lots of sense to have strong, aligned feet, to better the […]

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Job Posting!

We are looking for a Certified Pilates teacher in both Mat and Equipment. Please contact Julia if you love to teach, love to move, and have excellent communication and observation skills. Prior teaching experience please and availability for weekends and evenings.

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Daily Dozen Workshop in June

Register now to learn your daily dozen exercises set to take you through the summer at home or cottage. Julia takes you through 12 of our most hardworking exercises in detail, so you learn how to effectively keep yourself in shape at home. All you need is a mat and a wall and yourself. […]

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On Becoming a Student Again – In the Pool

Trying some new exercise can be a bit scary. But – given that I proffer advice daily on taking care of yourself and bravely diving into make change – I knew it was time I found a new way to move.  No, I’m not giving up Pilates and all it’s grace and hard work.   I […]

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