Dear Movement Educators

Calling all Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructors! Is your cuing at odds with what’s actually happening in the body? For example, in a twist we often hear cues like, “lengthen into your twist”. This isn’t in alignment with what the spine is doing when we twist.

Using the wisdom from the Franklin Method Bone Rhythms, at […]

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Have neck or mid back pain? Try adjusting your stance!

A common complaint is neck pain and pain between the shoulder blades.  Sometimes we get a massage and get temporary relief, and then it comes right back.  Getting to the source of the problem takes some determination and commitment, because sitting and standing differently aren’t all that easy to do. And, the payoff is long […]

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The Year of Breathing

As a part of my team, I employ a business coach to help keep me on track as a business owner. Being a teacher is a long time vocation for me and I feel comfortable in that job. Being a manager of staff, a business owner with bills to pay, all of that has been […]

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Q & A with Sarah Kirkpatrick

Sarah teaches the Mobility and ELDOA mat at Inhabit, as well as coaching students in equipment classes, and through private training. Learn more on our teacher page.


At Inhabit, I teach…a little bit of everything! I am available for private instruction, a lot of which tends to focus on post-rehabilitation work, but also to prepare any new […]

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When you think about your spine…

To kick start our year, three of our staff immersed themselves in all things Spine with our 3rd module of the teacher training program in early September. Studying with The Franklin Method, we worked to understand in great detail how the spine is oriented, how it moves, how the ligaments and discs support our structure. […]

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ELDOA at Inhabit

ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. The ELDOAs, developed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, target every level of your spine to decompress and normalize the tension around each vertebrae.

At Inhabit, we offer two classes: Spine Level 1 (new! Fridays at 10:45 a.m.) and Level […]

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Rockin’ and rolling (pilates style)

Grab a ball or a roller and roll out your body.

Rolling out the body has great benefits:  

It increases your proprioception to an area of the body. I liken that to driving on a highway with the lights on the road, instead of in the dark. If you are going to go for a walk or a […]

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Ease-ful Movement

Our way of working with the body, our intent and our focus, can change any movement into something that promotes ease in the body – or does not.  While it may seem like a strange thing to want or work towards, ease in the body is highly desirable.  In the Franklin Method (www.franklinmethod.com) ease is […]

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The Summer Challenge Begins!

Hello fellow Challenge participant!

I’m excited to start the Challenge with you.  I have a few reasons to be excited. First, as the studio director – I’m curious as to whether or not this will feel energizing for all of us, if we can somehow collectively gather energy to propel us all forward in our quest […]

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Better know a teacher: Christina

Christina does it all; at Inhabit she has taught everything from private lessons, group mat, group equipment and workshops. We took a few minutes to learn a little more about her teaching style.


What is your approach to teaching Pilates? I feel like Pilates can get serious fast. Although I want the people I work with to […]

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