Start Right, Continue Right

I love flipping the calendar over to the month of January. It’s un-marked, fresh and full of space and promise.  I love it the way I love taking down the holiday decorations and feeling like I have somehow more room in my house. I love cleaning one room and removing all the things in it […]

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What the Holidays Are All About

We’ve got two weeks ahead with holidays, family, cheer, and okay – maybe just a wee bit of stress.  All those engagements and meals, even the lack of structure can be totally welcome and at the same time feel a bit like I’ve put myself in a whirly machine and am hoping I land standing […]

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Every body is welcome here

It has been a hard week for many people.  Living with election results south of the border, losing the wonderful poet Mr. Cohen  – it’s all hard.  In our house, we are taking it in a little bit at a time. As dual citizens, my husband and I feel like we have a lot to […]

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Franklin Method, Week 2

Coming home from Portland, where I had been studying for a week in mid September with the Franklin Level 2 group, I felt a lot of gratitude.


Getting to spend five days immersed in muscles, fascia, and embodiment is dreamy for someone like me. No distractions, just pure learning.  The Franklin Method is based on using […]

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These bodies we live in are to be enjoyed.

I’m crossing over the Rockies right now on the red eye flight back from Portland, Oregon. I was there for a week studying with The Franklin Method, as a part of my Level 2 teacher training.


When I was studying Dance at Arizona State University, back in 1992, I took a course called IdeoKinesis with Pamela […]

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Dear Movement Educators

Calling all Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructors! Is your cuing at odds with what’s actually happening in the body? For example, in a twist we often hear cues like, “lengthen into your twist”. This isn’t in alignment with what the spine is doing when we twist.

Using the wisdom from the Franklin Method Bone Rhythms, at […]

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Have neck or mid back pain? Try adjusting your stance!

A common complaint is neck pain and pain between the shoulder blades.  Sometimes we get a massage and get temporary relief, and then it comes right back.  Getting to the source of the problem takes some determination and commitment, because sitting and standing differently aren’t all that easy to do. And, the payoff is long […]

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The Year of Breathing

As a part of my team, I employ a business coach to help keep me on track as a business owner. Being a teacher is a long time vocation for me and I feel comfortable in that job. Being a manager of staff, a business owner with bills to pay, all of that has been […]

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Q & A with Sarah Kirkpatrick

Sarah teaches the Mobility and ELDOA mat at Inhabit, as well as coaching students in equipment classes, and through private training. Learn more on our teacher page.


At Inhabit, I teach…a little bit of everything! I am available for private instruction, a lot of which tends to focus on post-rehabilitation work, but also to prepare any new […]

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When you think about your spine…

To kick start our year, three of our staff immersed themselves in all things Spine with our 3rd module of the teacher training program in early September. Studying with The Franklin Method, we worked to understand in great detail how the spine is oriented, how it moves, how the ligaments and discs support our structure. […]

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