I spent the day putting away Christmas.  The tree, the decorations, the stockings.  What started out as a chore, began to feel liberating as soon as I got the tree out the door.  As I vacuumed up dry needles I began to appreciate the re-owning of space in our small house.

Often our family members make some sort of commitment to a resolution or change on New Years.  This year, many of us came up dry and just couldn’t think of anything to say.  I realized later that I had begun many projects of discovery and learning in September this year and, now, I was mid way through instead of just starting. This Fall I went through a 2 month re-vamp of my diet and clean up of my eating habits.  I kept records of my progress and now remind myself of the benefits of the changes often so I can re-commit to them.  I hosted a Franklin Workshop and re-invigorated my teaching with a few more ideas of seeing and being our better selves with positive imagery, linked to anatomical truths.  I love to inquire and learn. These are a couple of ways I’ve been actively learning.

But still, I like the blank slate.  My house is relatively clean – for this one day. My calendar is relatively open.  The studio is fresh and ready for the new term.  What will we fill it up with?  This “emptiness” allows me to make a choice about how I wish to live and function within my life.  January is an opportunity to fill up the open-ness with things that make me happy, and energized.

I wish you the space in your life to prioritize the things that make you happy and vital.