Christina does it all; at Inhabit she has taught everything from private lessons, group mat, group equipment and workshops. We took a few minutes to learn a little more about her teaching style.


What is your approach to teaching Pilates? I feel like Pilates can get serious fast. Although I want the people I work with to have a good productive workout and get the best out of the time they spend at the studio, I try my best to keep things light and leave room for a little fun too.

What do you enjoy most about Inhabit? I think that I am surrounded by very good, capable teachers and I get to teach some of the best people. What more can I ask for

What would you say to promote your favorite class at Inhabit?  Do I have to pick?  There is so much to gain from every class at Inhabit. But, if I had only one class I could do each week. It would be the group equipment classes, because you get a personalized workout that includes a little mat, a lot of equipment, and a little one on one attention. So, its a nice mix of everything we offer at the studio.

What inspires you to stay fit? Any tips for people who struggle to stay fit?  I get inspired to workout  knowing that I will feel strong, that my body won’t fail me as I care for my girls, that I won’t feel those nagging aches and pains that happen when I don’t workout and finally that I will get a much needed energy boost. I struggle to keep fit too. With two small kids, a very busy job, and my teaching, sometimes I collapse into bed at night with zero desire to workout, but ultimately I know I can’t be my best self unless I have exercise in my life.

In your off-time, what are you passionate about? If I could do anything I would read books and explore places I have never been before!