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Pilates Teacher Training Program – A Chat with Our Recent Students

Over the last several months we ran our first ever Mat and Reformer Pilates Teacher Training program. As we prepare and open up registration for the 2017-2018 360 Hour program (kicking off this Fall), we sat down with three of the students from our inaugural session. We hope that as they share their personal experiences […]

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Let’s Walk About It

To say that walking is good for you is sort of like saying breathing and eating are good for you. It’s so obvious I wonder why I still often find myself encouraging and defending the need for our bodies to walk.

Recently, I’ve been mulling over (on my walks) the benefits to my life walking has […]

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How to Extend Laptop Screen to Monitor

Adding a moment screen to your PC or laptop gives you more space to multitask or only a greater show to take a shot at. Here’s the manner by which to connect a screen to a laptop in 10 Best Laptops for Gaming to buy 2017. Adding a moment screen to your PC or […]

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Google’s New App that can Count Calories in your Food Pictures

Google, the World’s Popular Tech giant recently unveiled that it is developing a new app at a tech conference in Boston. Google’s new app has the ability to identify and recognise the food items from photos and estimates the number of calories in your meal. Google has entitled this new app as ‘Im2Calories’ and developed […]

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How To Trade With IQ Option – Read Our Honest Review

There are many binary options trader in the market among those IQ option is the most famous and reputed broker in the market.Popularity for this trading site is increasing at an alarming rate.People Around the world are using this platform to trade.Thousands of traders are using this broker daily which gives it a trust issue.

Here […]

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Franklin Method Level 2, Week 3

I’m en route home from lovely, if rainy, Portland and my third immersive week of the Franklin Method, Level 2 training.

The Franklin Method work continues to take deep roots, not only for me but within me.  The two things that first drew me to the Method were: my desire to bring the best knowledge to […]

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February is Heart Month!

First, we love you. We really do!

We care about your health and your vitality and your well-being.

Your heart is a muscle. It can also be likened to a bag, (see Eric Franklin’s video blog!). You can imagine that if you have a compressed or inflexible thoracic (upper back) spine that the heart itself will have […]

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Start Right, Continue Right

I love flipping the calendar over to the month of January. It’s un-marked, fresh and full of space and promise.  I love it the way I love taking down the holiday decorations and feeling like I have somehow more room in my house. I love cleaning one room and removing all the things in it […]

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What the Holidays Are All About

We’ve got two weeks ahead with holidays, family, cheer, and okay – maybe just a wee bit of stress.  All those engagements and meals, even the lack of structure can be totally welcome and at the same time feel a bit like I’ve put myself in a whirly machine and am hoping I land standing […]

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Every body is welcome here

It has been a hard week for many people.  Living with election results south of the border, losing the wonderful poet Mr. Cohen  – it’s all hard.  In our house, we are taking it in a little bit at a time. As dual citizens, my husband and I feel like we have a lot to […]

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