Inhabit Pilates and Movement is a place for people to enjoy exercise and and make good  movement part of their every day lives.

Our students return year after year and have seen the wonderful benefits of long-term practice come to life.

Inhabit offers the full range of pilates equipment, a mat class area, and a treatment room for rental. We have a wide and varied class schedule and a down-to-earth approach with a positive, inspired team of teachers

About Pilates

Inhabit Pilates and Movement Studio is grounded in the work of exercise pioneer Joseph Pilates, creator of “The Pilates Method”. Pilates did the bulk of his work in NYC from 1926 until his death in 1967. He had, during his lifetime, worked with people from all walks of life and trained a handful of teachers whom we now call “The Elders.” Pilates was years ahead of his time in terms of his approach to training the human body.

While many think that the Pilates Method is just a “core workout,” its focus is not that narrow, and it was never taught that way by any of the people who studied directly with Pilates himself. The idea of a core workout implies that we do work on our abdominals, maybe back, and leave the rest of the body to be trained by other forms of exercise. But, Pilates is really a system or method for training the whole body for health. Physically, we train muscle systems to co-ordinate with each other to accomplish all ranges of movement safely. Importantly, we also re-educate the brain to get back to clear and functional movement patterns.

With muscles in good working order – strong and supple and smart – the bones move into the right place and we experience a better ease in the body, and more function. In terms of our mind, it takes great levels of concentration to change habits that might be impeding our sense of wellness in the body. Chronic or recurring pain and soreness in our daily lives are just some of the symptoms that things are not quite in order. There can also be feelings of stress, fatigue or just feeling “not right.” Pilates is designed to improve this dis-ease.  By using our mind to both listen to the body and direct it, we come into a real sense of strength and power in ourselves. This allows us to achieve a higher level of overall fitness, and improves our quality of life.

Lastly, Pilates knew that by getting the blood pumping, taking some deep breaths, and really moving, that we will have a “lift of the spirit.”

The Pilates Method is practiced on the mat, and on specific equipment designed by Mr. Pilates. The workouts are adaptable and accessible for everyone, no matter your fitness level.