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Inhabit has dedicated, extraordinary, and well educated instructors, and the experience to give you the most out of your hour with us.

Julia Wyncoll – Owner, Director, Teacher

Julia has been teaching Pilates for over twenty years and is passionately interested in helping students feel strong and healthy. Constantly updating her skills, she brings a natural curiosity to each class and session, so that the work continually feels new. Her life-long learning began with dance, and has grown to include anatomy, kinesiology, Pilates, Yoga and The Franklin Method. Students benefit from her well honed eye and problem solving abilities; transforming a workout into an open invitation to create change through movement.

Julia outgrew the private practice she was running for 8 years and began Inhabit Pilates and Movement. Pulling together wonderful teachers has allowed Inhabit to run many types of classes with the commonality of reaching for health and vitality. Julia continues to work privately with students who need one-on-one training, and enjoy teaching the dynamic mat classes she is known for.

Julia is certified in the Pilates Method (mat/equipment/wunda chair, Cadillac, and full barrel repertoire) with the PhysicalMind Institute and completed her Continuing Education Certificate with 2nd generation Master Pilates Teacher Dianne Miller.Her ongoing studies include 8 workshops in the Franklin Method, Certification as a Level 1 trainer in 3-D Workout, and membership in both the Pilates Method Alliance and the East End Pilates Association for which she is both a presenter and attendee.

Julia studied dance at Etobicoke School of the Arts and York University, following which she studied with Moira Merrithew and taught at Lindsay and Moira’s original Stott Pilates studio. While earning a Master’s degree in Arizona State University’s dance program, Julia taught Pilates in the exercise department. Julia danced professionally in Arizona, Montreal, and Toronto, performing in works by Kaeja d’Dance, Corpus, Maxine Moermann Dance Theatre, Montanaro Dance, and for independent choreographers. She also performed an an improvisor with the 502 Collective.  After returning to Toronto, she studied and taught at BodyMatrix and then originated the Pilates studio in the Adelaide Club downtown. In 2002 she began her own business: what began as one mat class in the Annex is now a busy studio.

Julia’s experience includes work with a wide range of ages, physical abilities and needs. She greatly enjoys promoting health in active individuals looking to hone their physical abilities, pre and post-natal women, and athletes. She has also been fortunate to work with people dealing with health challenges such as arthritis, osteopenia, Parkinson’s Disease, scoliosis, and back complaints whose lives have greatly improved due to their experience with Pilates. With the growth of her three beautiful children, Julia’s attention has also turned to helping tweens and teens come into their adult bodies with grace, strength, and good habits for life. Julia lives in Seaton Village and is proud to add her business to the offerings of the Annex, Seaton Village, Wychwood and Casa Loma neighbourhoods. Julia is available for presentations in these neighbourhoods and looks forward to being a part of the community for a long time.

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  • sarahheadshotcolour

    Sarah is a caring, experienced teacher who’s love of problem solving has inspired her throughout her 8 years of teaching. A personal injury during her 20 years of formal dance training lead her to seek out the Pilates Method in order to rehabilitate her own body. Having been a student of Pilates for over 17 years, she has a strong understanding of the power of the exercises, and what they can accomplish when properly executed in a supportive and controlled environment. Ultimately, she is dedicated to helping each client meet their personal goals and feel healthy, strong, and confident in their own bodies. Sarah teaches the Mobility and ELDOA mat at Inhabit, as well as coaching students in equipment classes, and through private training.

    Sarah completed the Dianne Miller Teacher Training Program in 2006, followed by an extensive apprenticeship with Rucsandra Mitrea. She has continued to study Pilates and other specialized forms of body work including the Franklin Method with Morten Dithmer (Thorax, Psoas, Neck – 2012), Pilates Plus Psyche with Mary Bowen, Jungian Psychologist/Pilates Elder (2008 & 2006), ELDOA with Guy Voyer (2009), Myofascial Stretching with Carla Delange (2009), Auxiliary Ron Fletcher Towel Work (2001). Learn more about Sarah.

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    Sarah is a Master ELDOA Instructer having been Certified in ELDOA by Guy Voyer

  • deniseheadshotcolourDenise started dancing at the age of 8 and went on to study at the National Ballet school of Canada. Upon graduating Denise joined the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam, where she danced professionally for 16 years, dancing in Holland and touring throughout Europe. Denise then returned to Canada and began training to become a Pilates instructor. Her many years of dancing and staying in tune with her body (sometimes working through injuries and rehabilitation) made this a very natural transition for Denise.

    She is very passionate about helping and guiding others to achieve a better mind body connection, bringing attention to their bodies to have a deeper understanding as to what it is telling them. Denise has taught at various institutes including the STOTT PILATES training centre, The Granite Club and the Toronto Athletic Club. Denise is also a Thai massage Practitioner. She completed her training at TMT (Thai Massage Toronto) and is fully licensed and N.H.P.C (National Health Care Practitioners of Canada) insured. Learn more about Denise.

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  • christinaheadshotcolourChristina has had an interest in health and exercise for as long as she can remember indicated by her grade 5 speech on health and nutrition. Her interest in these areas brought her to the University of Toronto where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health, as well as a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology. Christina was introduced to Pilates in 2002 at the University of Toronto and was inspired to continue exploring how it benefits people from all walks of life. She began formally training as an instructor in 2007 with Body Harmonics in Toronto and completed her training with Master teacher Dianne Miller and the Vancouver Pilates Centre. Christina was certified by Dianne Miller in the Pilates mat and reformer repertoire in October 2010.Christina believes in promoting a healthy and holistic lifestyle and feels that the Pilates method plays an integral role in developing a well rounded physical and emotional well-being. Read more about Christina.

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  • jonescolour2015Jones Henry began teaching Pilates in 2008 in Vancouver at the Dianne Miller Pilates Center while he was still a dancer at Ballet British Columbia. Since moving to Toronto, he has continued teaching while dancing for Coleman Lemieux and Co. His interests lie in giving his clients a whole body workout and helping them to continue a vigorous life without pain.

  • sachaSacha is passionate about sharing the many insights into mind/body awareness that she has garnered over a lifetime of professional study across a broad spectrum of physical disciplines. In addition to 16 years as a Pilates instructor, she has been teaching Ballet for the Royal Academy of Dance for 18 years, and has been coaching indoor rock climbing for 3 years.

    Sacha was drawn to Pilates in 1994 while studying Theatre Dance at Ryerson University. After earning her degree in Fine Arts she enrolled in the STOTT PILATES Teacher-Training program, with further training at the Dianne Miller Studio in Vancouver. She is also certified as a Level 1 Franklin Method Educator. Sacha has continued her professional Pilates development by attending workshops with master teachers from across North America & Europe, and is an active member of the East End Pilates Association.

    Sacha applies an interactive teaching approach to customize a practice that will develop advanced physical awareness, and help keep people moving vigorously throughout their lives.

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    Sacha is Level 2 ELDOA Certified

  • milenarowMilena began practicing Pilates in Montreal in 2001. Her interest in the method led her to acquire her certification with Polestar Pilates in 2008. Since then she has taught in various studios, health and fitness centers and corporate facilities. She has participated in workshops with distinguished instructors Brent Anderson, President and CEO of Polestar Pilates and Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel. Aside from continuing her Pilates education and practice, Milena is a visual artist and obtained her MFA from York University in 2014

  • Emilie McCabe’s first encounter with Pilates was in her early 20s at dance school. She was initially drawn to Pilates as a way to lessen back pain but was quickly impressed by the strength and mobility that accompanied that pain relief.

    She certified as a Pilates Instructor in 2000 and has been continually educating herself in order to bring the best to her clients. In 2002, she certified as a Therapeutic Instructor and in 2007 became an Instructor Trainer.

    In addition to her Pilates training, in 2015 she became a certified Franklin Method Educator.

    As a teacher, she wants to help her clients to learn about their bodies through Pilates training in order to enrich the rest of their life. Her goal as a Pilates instructor is to teach her clients skills that they can use to get the most out of their Pilates experience, to enhance the other physical activities in which they participate, and to promote pain-free living in their everyday life.

  • Bio coming soon

  • Bio coming soon