Inhabit Pilates Teacher Training

Our philosophy is to provide an intensive mentorship experience with a small cohort of committed students. We introduce teaching early in the program so students can train as teachers; seeing and changing a body with the profound tools of the Pilates Method. The Pilates Method is more than just a set of exercises: it is a way of committing to the most able and well body for oneself and for one’s clients. Great teachers develop a discerning eye and are able to use the large repetoire of interventions designed to meet the student where they are and move them forward in positive ways.


  • Our comprehensive training covers the Pilates Method Mat Work and Reformer Exercises.
  • Manual with Mat and Reformer, foundational through advanced exercises.
  • All classical exercises are covered as well as foundational work, modifications and considerations for special populations.
  • We limit our training to 4-6 students only.
  • Our focus is on building practical and assessment skills that prepare you for the real life experience of being a Pilates teacher.
  • Students do significant in studio time observing senior teachers, and have access to the studio to work in groups, fulfill some of their self practice hours, and teaching hours.


360 hour training includes:
  • 96 observation hours
  • 60 practice teaching hours
  • 80 self practice hours
  • 100 hours of workshop time
  • 30 hours of anatomy and special client workshop hours
  • Exam comprising of a take home exam and an in class assignment (8 hours).

2018 Summary:

Weekend Intensive hours are as follows:

Friday 1:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm – 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm


Program details:

Anatomy Perspectives
Mat I & II
Reformer I-IV

Exam Practical and Written


Director, Julia Wyncoll Julia is a dynamic teacher, engaging students to return to her full classes for the past 20 years. Originally a modern dancer, her curiosity was constantly peaked when the information about how and why and where the body moves best was presented. Following this curiosity, Julia has studied with many of the best minds in the Pilates, dance and movement world including IdeoKinesis with Pamela Matt, Pilates with Dianne Miller and Michelle Larsson, and dance with faculty and mentors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Inhabit Pilates and Movement hosted the first east coast Franklin Method training last year, and Julia is a Level one Franklin Method Educator. Inhabit is home to 4 Franklin trained teachers and it’s influence is deeply felt in the work we teach, encouraging students to be active partners in their learning and movement towards health.  Julia is a also a Certified ELDOA 1 teacher, and a 3-D Level 1 teacher.

Julia has kept coming back to the Pilates Method as a source for movement training both in her own body, and as an excellent technique within which to help others find health.  Pilates has a clarity and a whole body approach that she has seen guide hundreds of students towards moving well, longer and living better lives.  Inhabit Pilates is a studio where each person’s ability to move is a built on and encouraged, and where the intention of the Pilates Method is honoured. Julia’s teaching is firm and clear while being compassionate and encouraging.


Cindy picture BW Associate Instructor, Cindy Willems
Cindy began her journey into the Pilates Method as a professional dancer over twenty years ago.  This allowed her to have a successful dance career (performing at the Stratford Festival and other professional theatres in Canada) well into her late thirties.  After she retired from dance, influenced by her Pilates teacher Eileen Birks, Cindy moved to Vancouver to continue her teacher training studies with Dianne Miller.  Cindy stayed in Vancouver for four years to work at the Vancouver Pilates Centre, alongside some of Canada’s top teachers.  She gained a vast amount of experience here using the Pilates Method to support clients with different physical abilities and challenges.  Cindy has been back in Toronto and running her own small studio (Pilates with Cindy) for over six years.  She has added holistic nutritionist and licensed acupuncturist to her tool belt to help others live a better quality of life.


You must complete a written application and an interview, and have some experience in the Pilates method, preferably in both mat and equipment work.

Applications due by December, 31st 2017.


$5500.00 +hst
Fee includes participation in studio mat classes, when there is room, and a total of 10 equipment classes. Further equipment classes can be bought at a rate of $20 +hst a class.

Testing and Certification:

The exam includes a written test, a practical teaching exam, and an oral examination. Successful candidates will receive a Certificate from Inhabit Pilates and Movement for the Mat and Reformer (360 hour training).